Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Into the Bush

The morning started out with a trip to a souvenir shop that the guides told the group was probably the best and most inexpensive place to buy gifts and remembrances. WOCO didn't waste any time spending lots of money. But they have some very nice, tangible items to bring home with them.

Then it was all aboard the bus for the 2+ hour trip to Pilanesberg Natioal Park for some African bush experiences. After a very hearty meal the group was taken into the bush. The game drive was a feast for the eyes, bringing the group within short distances of blue wildebeasts, zebras, antelope, rhinos, hippos, elephants, lions and even a rare appearance of a leopard. Phenomenal was one description. (There have been many photo ops and stunning photography but the visual sharing of these moments has to wait until return to the United States because a technical glitch has made sharing them now impossible. Watch for them after Sunday!!)

Dinner was served in the bush and WOCO was able to sing around the campfire after dinner. The experience was moving for all, especially a couple of the waitstaff who showed appreciation for their singing, offering warm thanks.

The group had to turn in early as they will receive a 4:55 AM wake-up call for a morning game drive. They have been told they may be able to add giraffes to the list of animals they have been able to view in their natural environment.

In the words of Kirsten Rieck "This was the best day ever!"


  1. All I can say to this is...Unbelievable!! P.S. Samantha W - I hope you remembered your loving mother while you were shopping :) Love you!! Enjoy the "wild".

  2. Teresa and all WOCO women and Dr.Rieck and chaparones. We are enjoying your BLOG on what is happening there. It is nice to be able to stay in touch over this long distance. We hope your 0455 hrs wake up call tomorrow brings you all new delightful sights to see, memories to build and appreciation for all that has been created for us to enjoy. Peace and joy to you all.
    KJ Higgins

  3. How wonderful technology is to be able to keep us in touch with what you are doing.
    Even though there are no pictures we are able to paint a great one every day by reading your info. hope you are all soaking in the beauty and savoring the experience, it sure is a once in a lifetime one.
    Melissa, sure hope you survived the boat ok...

  4. Thank you for all of your posts, I feel privleged to get to hear about your experiences. You ladies are in the middle of such an amazing adventure, and I'm sure the days are flying by all too quickly. There's so much to say and so little space! First, keep your own record of this, even if it's just jotting notes on your itinerary. Those notes will be key in helping your remember not just the events but the thoughts they evoked once you get back. Second, I challenge you all to think about how this experience is going to change you - the difference between tourism and educational travel is that the tourist leaves his or her mark behind in the country, while the country leaves its mark on students.

    Teresa, I'm so glad you got this opportunity! However, I miss you a lot; can't wait to call you and hear all about everything and tell you about Chile, etc. Enjoy the rest of your time - and congrats on making it to Africa before me :)

  5. Hi Sam its just me again trying to finish my last comment thanks to your mother and countless hours I was finally able to send you and African greeting cant wait till you get home drive safe love ya twinkey daddy

  6. Maggie Lynch: The first thing I do when I get to work every morning is check your blog and see what exciting thing you have in store for you. Makes my dad seem pretty drab. What a wonderful experience for all of you. Stay safe and enjoy every minute of this trip. Aunt Kay

  7. Govs Women-

    I'm so jealous of you all. It sounds like you are having an amazing time. I can't wait to hear all about it when you get back. Stay safe! I love you all!


  8. Ahh....Hakuna Matata! The safari sounds so peaceful!

    ~Love you tons Nikki!
    Thanks for the phone call, you made our day ;)
    ~Mom and Dad

  9. Anna B.,
    Thanks for the phone call/message yesterday. Sorry I missed you.
    Love, Mom