Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Back to Joburg...from Dr. Rieck

The trip to Joburg went well. Pretty uneventful since our fantastic tour guides went with us. This new hotel is quite the place. Lots of restaurants here (that is great for safety). The casino is attractive to some students. We sang a concert with the Wits University Choir tonight. It was a highlight for me and for the choir. It was inspirational, the women sang as well as they have since arriving here and I will remember it for a long time. The Wits Choir was wonderful as well. The concert opened with "The Dons" a high school boys choir that is conducted by the Wits Choir director. They were wonderful as well. We received several very nice compliments. They got all the choirs on stage at the end and did Siyahamba together--very inspirational. Then they taught the women a new song as well. The conductor complimented us on our spirit and spontaneity. I appreciated that very much.


  1. Dr Reick,
    You know Woco is the best women's choir you will find! Expect great complements, you all deserve them. While i have not seen them in person, I enjoy their CD's and DVD's. What a bright, beautiful, decent bunch of girls.. and very well directed! If we lived closer to Wisconsin, we would see all the concerts. This trip is wonderful in so many ways.Just wanted you to know that families appreciate what you are doing!
    Manda Olson's gramma in Texas.

  2. Samantha W - so glad to hear you all made it safely to Joburg. Sounds like you are all having an AMAZING trip! Can't wait to hear all your stories and see all the pictures and hear even more stories to go along with the pictures. What a life changing experience this must be for all of you. You are all very blessed! Dr Rieck...thank you for organizing this trip and for all of the wonderful adventures and amazing memories you are giving to everyone on this trip!! We miss you Sam and we love you! P.S. You have a new baby cousin. Karen and Al had their baby (Katin); she's beautiful....just like you! Hope you're enjoying the safari today!!

  3. I am very jealous of all you Wocettes! I'm thankful that you are all having such a wonderful time, and the blog has been great to read! :) I send you all my love, prayers for a safe rest of the trip and return home. Whoever reads this, please tell D.Rieck and the choir that Laura Wenzel LOVES YOU! Also tell everyone they're the Heeeeeeehh. (Jah style)